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Specialty Services

Gimbal Tech + Operator

We provide technical remote head + camera operator services for the Ronin2 and Movi gimbal systems, making sure all your day goes smooth and all 3rd party accessories are on set for your camera build.


When utilized properly, the Ronin2 can be mounted on a variety of Mitchel Mount based systems such as Fischer dolly, crane, slider and tripod. Moving from one Mitchel system to another is fast and efficient, usually only a few minutes.

For more information or details please Contact Us.

Gorilla Camera Truck is our custom Toyota 4Runner that combines the FlowCine Black Arm and Ronin2 stabilizing systems. The truck is equipped with solid vertical speed rails on both front and back, allowing you to film at any angle at any speed.

For full details please visit


For over 15 years we've been creating video content for many different jobs including commercial, documentary, action sports, live to web/TV and many other platforms.

Please Contact Us for your specific video production needs!


We have an experienced drone team that can fly a variety of drones with large and small. We primarily work with the DJI Inspire 2 + X7 lenses for cinematic shots and FPV drones for dramatic fast angles in tight spaces.


We work with Transport Canada to get all the necessary permitting for your production needs across Canada.

Please Contact Us for more details and information.

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