An Olympic web series by

An olympic film about the new canadian skateboard and surf athletes

as they work to qualify for the 2021 tokyo olympics

After many years of conversation and debate, skateboarding and surfing have finally been accepted as official Olympic sports for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.
"Working Title" looks into the lives of our new Canadian athletes and see first hand what they do in order to be the best for their country. Unlike classic Olympic sports, surfers and skateboarders work in very unusual outdoor situations and do not rely on coaches to keep them focused. Both sports depend on independent personal drive, involve lots of travel to find ideal spots and require the ability to battle many unforeseen external elements at every stop.
This series will show an unseen view into how these new Olympic athletes work and battle for a spot to represent Canada in 2021. Working with 
We take a look at how the old and new sports still share similarities despite being so different dependent on a gym or arena and is a very self motivated sport that doesn't require coaching in the typical Olympic fashion.
These new athletes are a new face for the Olympics and do things in a way that most people are unaware of.
Working Title Pilot

Professional action sports is a global industry that relies heavily on large groups of people and friends all coming together to create content for the world's enjoyment. It takes athletes, friends, photographers, filmers, magazines, stores, events, videos, sponsors - the list goes on. What happens when all these close knit people can no longer work together because of Covid-19? Beyond The Fog looks at Olympic hopeful surfers in Tofino, mountain biking locals on Vancouver Island and the skateboarding community in Vancouver. We hear from the athletes, filmers, photographers, magazines, athlete sponsors and event managers to get their insight into what’s already happened and what they foresee happening in the coming years.